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Abingdon Fencing Club COVID-19UpdateRe-openedfor Adults20 May 2021Please checkSocial MediaPage For MoreInformationand updates

Abingdon Fencing Club is following the guidelines as laid down by British Fencing and these were agreed by the Government.

Our Junior Class restarted back on 15 April at Wootton and Dry Sandford Community Centre from 7.30pm - 8.15pm.

We will be re-opening for Adults from 20 May at 8.15pm - 10pm following the lifting of restrictions on 17 May
COVID-19 Updates

  • Temperature will be checked on arrival and members are also encouraged to self-check prior to attendance - (Normal temperature between 36.1⁰C and 37.2⁰C)
  • Scan QR Code after temperature to check into the session for our Track and Trace requirements
  • You must arrive dressed for fencing (excluding plastron / jacket) as there will be no changing facilities available
  • Mask Liners will be provided and Face Coverings to be used when not fencing along with the required social distancing
  • Building plan showing Entry / Exit Points for WADSCC
  • COVID Officer - Andrew Banks
  • New email address for COVID Queries - [email protected]
  • Unable to accept payments in cash. Payments can be made via our portable card machine / or by bank transfer only
AFC Return to Fencing Survery Reponse
Policies and Procedures for COVID-19

Pre Session Health Questionnaire
Each person attending Abingdon Fencing Club is required to complete an online questionnaire on the day prior to attending each session. If any question is marked as 'Disagree' the participant should not travel to the club and will need to contact the club's COVID-19 Officer for more advice before returning to the club. The questionnaire is only valid for date marked in the submission. To access the questionnaire please click here and for the junior class click here

Book a place
Due to social distancing requirements, it is neccessary for anyone wishing to attend an adult weekly fencing session to book a slot as places are limited.

Risk Assessment
A Full risk assessment has been carried out and is available to view

Fencing Equipment Cleaning Guidelines and Protocols
British Fencing has produced a protocols document which covers all aspect of cleaning fencing equipment. Abingdon Fencing club will expect all members to follow these guidelines.

Questions raised from recent survey with responses

What actions do you consider Abingdon Fencing Club needs to take to make you feel safe?

Could it be done outside when it's dry?
British Fencing have advised that fencing should not take place outside on grass or other surfaces due to potential injuries which could be caused
Keep 2m distance from the students
This is currently under discussion by the government and we will be following the advice given at the time we are able to return to fencing
Regular hygiene cleaning of shared equipment / would it be possible for kit to be washed and then loaned to me (so I could wash after each session)
The majority of the adults jackets have already been washed since fencing had to stop during March. Other kit will be washed once we are able to access it. Abingdon Fencing Club are also looking to let juniors / members take the equipment home that they borrow and bring back with them each week – further information will be provided at a later date on this.
Providing a larger venue with more space to move, better and more accessible changing/washing facilities, sanitisers and hand gel, regularly/daily cleaned club equipment (not just clothing)  / Ensure adequate supply of sanitiser/ wipes?
Facilities which are available are limited. We will be ensuring that a supply a hand gel / wipes is available and British Fencing have advised that specific advise on how to clean equipment like Sword / Spools and boxes will be provided
Maybe mark out where people should fence so it easier to spread out. I suspect there'll be plenty of advice from British Fencing
A risk assessment will be carried out once more information is available from British Fencing and an update is known from the Government
It's not so much the club, it's that I need to minimise potential exposure as I am caring for vulnerable people and cannot
We will be following the advice / guidance issued from British Fencing / Government. Leon Paul have also made disposable mask shields which clip inside the masks – these can be obtained perhaps if enough people are interested once guidance is available the club could place a bulk order this way there is only one postal charge and they become cheaper to everyone.

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